Jan Sewa Welfare And Educatinal Society welcomes volunteers on an individual or group basis. Volunteers can
choose from a list of options in which they would like to help our organisation according to their interest and

Individuals with a considerable amount of knowledge, exposure and experience are invited to mentor our
students. Mentoring may be offered to individuals, small groups and larger groups of students. Workshops ,
seminars, field visits and picnics are some of the ways in which mentors engage with the beneficiaries.

Individuals with relevant knowledge and experience are invited to conduct classes for our courses. They may also
wish to assist in course and syllabus up-gradation as per the need of industry.

We welcome volunteers to help in website content updation and website blog administration on a weekly basis.
These volunteers can also help us manage our social networking website.

Our wide range of activities calls for a lot of administrative work in terms of resource procurement, purchase and
maintenance. Documentation is an indispensable part of this work. Volunteers will be welcome to assist with these

Resource Mobilization 
This involves getting sponsorship for our students, courses & events; entering into partnerships with corporates to
procure funds, training and joint certification for our courses.

Volunteers are invited to be part of our core team for organizing our various events such as Career Fair and Jan Sewa Welfare And Educatinal Society Day. Work includes planning, resource allocation and procurement of
sponsorship's. Volunteers also play a crucial role in post-event activities. Volunteers may also help in organizing
field trips and industry visits etc.

Volunteers are invited to help us with documenting, generating reports and data entry.

To explore more opportunities, please click on the link below to access the form.